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Online Marketing
Means for us: A Erstelllungssoftware sites for you, which is simple and quick to use. With GAPTER set "Online Marketing" by skillfully. You can through the WYSIWYG technology, the

HTML pages visually and without any prior knowledge

. Available online from any Internet access point, edit your website by mouse-click control intuitive.
Online Marketing - Online websites creation software GAPTER, developed by BASE GmbH.
The online website development software GAPTER is developed by BASE GmbH.

  • Website creation software
  • Website Projects can be managed via the Internet by mouse-click control online.
  • WYSIWYG technology = > are easier to edit
  • According to the principle: What You See Is What You Get - working on and always see the result - That which you work, you get.
  • Search Engine Optimization ~= 1 new customer acquisition
  • Integrated proper search engine optimization (page name, image name, title, etc.) incl. Tests.
  • multi-language capability = > internationality
  • Multi language for your project. All titles, page names, text content, ToolTip text, object names for photos etc. are automatically translated and offered.
  • Mobile Sites = > search engine compliant, user-friendly
  • Automatic creation of mobile sites, they are leaner and simpler, but most importantly, with the same content.
  • Landing Pages = > generation of prospective
  • create special pages for the entry in your newsletter / distributor with a goodie.
  • Email Marketing = > Generation of prospects and customers care
  • Definition of newsletter emails that are sent scheduled and automated to the distributor or to new applications.
  • Video box
  • A video field and an HTML base for all devices.
  • suck HTML pages
  • HTML pages content can be sucked into GAPTER imported /.
  • Statistics
  • Unique documented statistics on positions of search engine optimization, traffic, keywords, etc.
  • Project Management
  • Multiple projects can be managed, edited, saved and deleted.
  • etc.
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Online Marketing - Website, SEO, mobile website

Online Marketing| Online Marketing - Website| SEO| Mobile Website - Website| SEO| mobile website - ONLINE MARKETING| ONLINE MARKETING - WEBSITE| SEO| MOBILE WEBSITE - WEBSITE| SEO| MOBILE WEBSITE

Online Marketing - Website, SEO, mobile website

Online Marketing, Online Marketing - Website, SEO, Mobile Website - Website, SEO, mobile website - ONLINE MARKETING, ONLINE MARKETING - WEBSITE, SEO, MOBILE WEBSITE - WEBSITE, SEO, MOBILE WEBSITE

Online Marketing - Website, SEO, mobile website

Online Marketing; Online Marketing - Website; SEO; Mobile Website - Website; SEO; mobile website - ONLINE MARKETING; ONLINE MARKETING - WEBSITE; SEO; MOBILE WEBSITE - WEBSITE; SEO; MOBILE WEBSITE